A Small Area of Land (Kaka‘ako Earth Room)
Architectural Intervention, 2012-2013
ii Gallery
O'ahu, Hawai'i

Curator: Trisha Lagaso Goldberg
Gallery Sponsors: Na Mea Hawai'i | Interisland Terminal

Material: volcanic soil, coral sand, water
Dimensions: 9'-0" L x 4'-0" W x 7’-8” H
Weight: 32,000 lbs.

Whoever controls the land, controls the future of Hawai‘i. “A small area of land” is the definition for the term "kuleana," as translated in the Dictionary of Hawaiian Legal Land Terms. Coupled with increasingly contentious perspectives on the future use, development and management of Hawai‘i’s land and natural resources, A Small Area of Land (Kaka‘ako Earth Room) uses two of Hawai‘i’s most politically charged materials and highly valued commodities (soil and sand) to comment on the current state of its environmental decline. By focusing our attention on such a monumental expression of this most essential and crucial issue, A Small Area of Land seeks to help us focus and redress our thinking and practices; the end goal being the production of a healthy and self-sustainable future Hawai‘i.

Project Team: Sean Connelly; Trisha Lagaso Goldberg; David Goldberg; Jason Ortiz; David Goldberg; Ihilani Phillips; Spencer Agoston; Brian Linares; Bryce Renninger; Leah Caldera; Marika Emi; Ian Eichelberger; Beau Bassett; Jaimey Hamilton Faris; Jason R. Farris; Shereen Kanehisa; Jeff Au Hoy; Shirley Lam; Hadley Nunes; Dana Paresa; Maya Portner; Jerome Tabar; Danielle Ulmann; Alex Adler; Malia Lagaso; AJ Feducia; Ara Laylo; Lina Brown; Skylar Brown; Ginger Gohier; Meagan Suzuki; Lara Matsumoto; Martha Cheng; Kim Moa; Lesa Griffith. Sources and Delivery of Soil: Sam Hadar and Kamea Hadar; Justin Franzmeier and Brian Boltz; Rick Barboza and Alex Connelly; Kamuela Enos and Miwa Tamanaha; Tim Connelly; Beau Bassett and Hi‘ilei Kawelo. Support: Blaine Tolentino, Leah Caldera, Jeff Gress, Vincent Ricafort, Chris Lee, Jen Wilbur, Charlie Reppun, Vivien Reppun, Lisa Yamada, Marissa Abadir, Shereen Kanehisa; Earl Kawa‘a; Iggy So; Min Chen; Alan Kwan; Wei Fang;John Prime; Sarah Honda; Sean Shodal; Eric Cordeiro; Stacy Hoshino; Aaron Padilla. Organizational Support: LIMB; 808 Urban; Paiko; Hui Ku Maoli Ola; R/D; Na Mea; Lana Lane; Studios; Pow Wow; Island Foodscaping; Wailupe Farms; Mahoa.

Selected Press:
Flux Hawai'i
Honolulu Star Advertiser
Honolulu Weekly

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